eFoil Lessons & Rental


E-foiling has quickly become a global sensation, and it's easy to see why! As avid watersport enthusiasts, we aim to spend as much time on the water as possible. While Mykonos, Greece often enjoys plenty of windy days, we also experience lighter winds. In the past, such conditions would prevent us from going on the water, but now we can effortlessly cruise around the bay with our latest gadget – the AUDI e-tron eFoil from Aerofoils! The perfect e-foiling conditions are calm waters with wind speeds under 10 knots.

The e-foil is an enjoyable ride for everyone! It’s simple to learn and operate, offering various settings that cater to different skill levels, allowing you to either relax or fully engage with the e-foil’s speed and agility. Come and try it out! We guarantee an incredible experience on the water!

Beginner eFoil Lesson

  • We typically begin the e-foil lesson at the center by showing you how to assemble and disassemble the eFoil, and we cover the essential safety guidelines as well.
  • Next, we'll demonstrate how to mount the board, lie down, and adjust your weight. All of these initial steps are practiced on a board placed on the sand to ensure you're well-prepared before you enter the water. You'll also learn the correct positions for kneeling and standing, as well as where to place your feet once you're upright.
  • After we've covered everything on the beach, we'll go over how to use the remote control and start the e-foil.
  • Then, it's time to hit the water! You'll begin by lying on the board at the lowest speed setting. Gradually, you'll progress to kneeling and, eventually, standing up to fully enjoy the experience of e-foiling.




We only rent our e-foil boards to experienced foilers or to those who have taken a lesson with us. Once we are confident in your ability to use the e-foil board, you can rent the board anytime you like!


e-foil rental equipment

AUDI e-tron e-foilboard

Efoil board
Efoil board Available size: 103 l with 1350x400 Wing Set
Full range battery with up to 2 hours of flying time
Top speed: 50 km/h
Efoil board